About us

Main information

ENGINEERING COMPANY, as a successor of KON ING METAL (established in 1992) was founded as doo . The company is settled in Smederevo, Masarikova 9.


  • ENGINEERING COMPANY was founded in November 12, 1999. – Decision of the Economic Court in Pozarevac no. Fi 472/99, stated in the Register of the economic subjects with no. BD 898/2008
  • The main activity code no. is 074203 – engineering business
  • The Company is registered in the VAT system
  • Evidence no. 113513558
  • Identification no. 17261525

Scope of activities

  • Pneumatic (vacuum and pressure) conveyance of grain and powder materials of different physical and chemical characteristics
  • Producing and maintenance of high quality industrial air, high pressure (compessors) and low pressure (blowers).
  • Storage, feeding and measuring of dry components
  • Industrial dust exhausting

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