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  • Pneumatic conveyance of bulk materials through pipes
  • Industrial dedusting, aspiration
  • Storage, dosing and weighing of dry components
  • Engineering, design, turnkey solutions, project management, supervision, consulting services and servicing
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Scope of activities


  • Pneumatic (vacuum and pressure) conveyance of grain and powder materials of different physical and chemical characteristics
  • Producing and maintenance of high quality industrial air, high pressure (compessors) and low pressure (blowers).
  • Storage, feeding and measuring of dry components
  • Industrial dust exhausting

30 years of tradition

About us

  • ENGINEERING COMPANY was founded in November 12, 1999. – Decision of the Economic Court in Pozarevac no. Fi 472/99, stated in the Register of the economic subjects with no. BD 898/2008
  • The main activity code no. is 074203 – engineering business
  • The Company is registered in the VAT system
  • Evidence no. 113513558
  • Identification no. 17261525

Activities in big companies


Activities in big companies like DIJAMANT, ZORKA, VIKTORIAOIL, SOJAPROTEIN, TARKETT, ZORKA KOLOR and many others which can be found below. Besides already mentioned installations, over 70 bigger or smaller installations on the pneumatic conveyance and industrial dust exhausting systems have been realized.

What we offer

Scope of activities


Pneumatic conveyance


Storage and discharge of bulk materials


Hi roller conveyors


Compressor stations


Industrial dust exhausting


Low pressure compressors - blowers

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