Our most inportant clients:

1. „Dijamant“ a.d. – Zrenjanin, Sunflower oil producer

2. „VictoriaOil“ a.d. – Šid, Sunflower oil producer

3. „Sojaprotein“ a.d. – Bečej, Factory for soybean processing

4. „Tarket“ d.o.o. – Bačka Palanka, Factory for poduction of floor covers and parquetes

5. „Merima Henkel“ – Kruševac, Factory for detergent production

6. „Minprojekt“ – Niš, Equipment for the factories for waste water treatment

7. „Zorka Kolor“a.d. – Šabac, Production of color and lacquers

8. „Sunce“ a.d. – Sombor, Sunflower oil producer

9. „Beogradska pekarska industrija“ – Belgrade, Belgrade bakery

10. „Žitopek“ – Niš

11. „Ratar“ a.d. – Pančevo


”Peter Thems“ – Germany

High range company in the oil and soya bean industry, engaged on building of the factories for bio diesel, refineries, Extraction plants, Measuring and packing systems.

An agreement of joint activities and finance engineering

„Ingersoll Rand “ – Hibon , France

A leader in the production of low pressure compressors (blowers and vacuum pumps)

An agreement on exclusive disposal of goods, sails and service right.;

Scheuch“ – Austria

High specialized producer of apparatus and equipment for pneumatic conveyance and industrial dust exhausting on the installations for wood processing industry.

Technical-technology collaboration and cooperation

„Morillon“ – France

High specialized producer for extracting of grain and shell materials from a silo with flat bottom. Hydraulic screw unloader.

Disposal of goods and sails rights

Dohogne“ – Belgium

Producer of silo installation according to the latest technology. Connecting system of galvanized steel panels due to screw connection without welding.

Technical-technology collaboration and cooperation

„Ilchmann“ – Germany

Producer of equipment for mechanical conveyance of heavy transportable materials. Present in the oil industry in the division for storage and grain preparation. Pressing plant and Extraction. General representative of the American company Hi roller – USA.

Technical-technology collaboration and cooperation

Noro“ – Germany

Specialized producer of elements for connecting apparatus and machines in food industries and pipe installation in the dust exhausting systems. Quick connecting pipe elements, exhausting bends, throttle valves, two-way valves, rotary distribution heads and similar.

Disposal of goods and sails rights

Mlinostroj“ Domžale – Slovenia

Renowned producer of equipment for the mil and backer industry.

An Agreement on technical-technology collaboration and representation.