Hi RolleR - trakasti transporteri

Hi RolleR – belt width up to 1500mm

  • The unique–shaped carrying idler has built-in self-aligning characteristics for both single and bi-directional conveyors

Mini RolleR – belt width up to 915mm

  • lower profile design

Lo RolleR – belt width up to 915mm

  • Flat carrying idler with side slides to form a trough for the belt

Super RolleR – belt width from 915mm and up

  • Combines a larger bell-shaped idler and a flat idler turning indepenndently. This design provides a deeper trough and bigger converying capacities

Hi Life – for very big capacities

  • Thicker idler with much larger bearings which are not exsposed to the internal atmosphere of the conveyor housing

Hi RolleR enclosed belt conveyors are designed for the safe, gentle and efficient handling of dry, bulk materials.

This unigue, totallty enclosed belt conveyor contains dust and spilled materials and automatically reloads that material back on to the belt.

CAPACITY from 120m3/h to 6000m3/h